Visit SL’s first African Festival!

2 10 2009


It’s SL’s first African Festival! It kicked off yesterday with Nigerian National Day and it will last through Sunday Oct 4. The  Saminaka sim will host new exhibits, a fabulous treasure hunt, a festival village, a canoe regatta and durbar, talks about African music, art, and spirituality, contests,  parties with African music, and tons of enjoyable activities!!! See below schedule for 4 days of fun and culture!

 Let the celebration of the Bright Continent begin! From Oct. 1 (Nigerian National Day) through 4th, Saminaka (Virtual Nigeria) is hosting SL’s first African Festival. Besides the sim’s usual displays on Nigerian culture and Timbuktu, its African Library, restaurant, and traditional marketplace, there will be exhibits, events, talks, and contests galore!

Masqueraders, stiltwalkers and African music help create the festive atmosphere. New exhibits on Nigerian plants, the Nupe people and the horse in Africa complement the fun of a traditional decorated canoe regatta and a durbar–a procession of decorated horses and their riders, as well as nightly  dance parties to the latest African tunes.

  • Want to know more about African music? RL musician Oliha Yiwama talks about drumming, RL art historian Tamsin Barzane about African art, and Oliha again on African spirituality.
  • Virtual Harlem’s Bryan Mnemonic will speak at the kick-off of Ananse, a new SL/RL group of scholars involved with Africa and the diaspora, and a tour of African-related sims will follow.
  • Contests? There’s a writing one (1000 words or less, any format), a canoe-decorating one, three photo competitions (African plants, durbar, and African animal avatars), and a best-dressed African “look-off”.
  • Festival Marketplace, as well as the sim’s permanent African stores.
  • African botanical hunt, where each flora-related prize (dresses with plant patterns, furniture with plant motifs, etc) is hidden near an African plant.

It’s a mix of culture, music, creativity, shopping, spectacle, education–the next best thing to being there!

Scheduled Events (SLT=Pacific Time)
Contact Tamsin Barzane for more information

Fri, Oct. 2
2-5 pm DJ Blade Unsustainable plays African House!!! This is not your typical; don’t miss it!
5 pm slt  African music–talk & performance–“Are drums a family Event?”  by Oliha Yiwama
6 pm slt  Durbar—Nigerian procession of decorated horses and riders
African Music Video Party or Dj’d dance to follow

Sat., Oct. 3
11 am slt African art—talk and slideshow by Tamsin Barzane—“The ‘Rules’ of African Art”
Noon slt  Canoe regatta, Nigerian-style, with decorated boats (prize)
5 pm slt   Masqueraders, stiltwalkers, acrobats  African Music Video Party or live performance to follow

Sun., Oct. 4
11-2 pm slt Bryan Mnemonic’s lecture and launch of Ananse group of Africa and Diaspora Academics in Second Life (off Saminaka, on Univ. of Delaware sim), followed by guided tours to several sims
5 slt African spiritual traditions—talk by Oliha Yiwama (traditional priest, musician,    anthropologist)
6 Following talk, masqueraders, stiltwalkers and acrobats—join in!
6:30 slt Closing dance party with second DJ—African male and female dress competition; announcements of writing &   photo contest winners
Fireworks on the beach

Two Great Sales: Kiko Life and So Many Styles

11 07 2009

You know I can not resist a great sale. Not just a good sale, but a GREAT sale! This weekend, be sure to stop on over to two of my favorite places in SL– Kiko Life and So Many Styles. 

For the next four days, So Many Styles is having a 50% off sale on select items in the mainstore. Kiko Life is moving to a bigger sim, so take advantage of the 40% off sale on skins as well as complete avatar packages.

See the rest over at Kiss Kiss!!

Discovering Uzuri

7 05 2009

I checked my SL mail this morning and received a lovely surprise from Bella Bombast, the creative mind behind the label called Uzuri. Now I had to admit to Bella (and felt a little sheepish doing so) that I had never heard of Uzuri before.  I took a visit to her store and was pleasantly suprised.

Although the clothing selections are small for now, the jewelry selections are plentiful and extremely well made. Creative pieces that will definitely attract attention, like the ones I used to buy from the vendors on 125th Street.  She also has shapes and skins, which I am not showcasing, but they do look very nice and very diversified too.

Enough of my babbling, I know you want to see the fashion. So here goes!   For styling info, check me out on Kiss Kiss!






~Khitten Kurka

Uniquely You in :bijou:

23 04 2009

Hello Everyone!

I have wanted to a spotlight on :bijou: for some time now. Not sure what I was waiting for, but today I truly felt inspired to give props to the fashions from this innovative and funky label.  So to help me show how I “rock the :bijou: style, I am wearing skins created by Kiko Life.   

Check out the rest of the pictures on my blog… Kiss Kiss!!   






Until next time,

Kiss Kiss

Shapes and Styles For Black Avatars

22 03 2009

Stepping into SL can be confusing at first. For those avatars that identify themselves as black or ethnic in some way, it can be hard to find the right skins, right shapes, and all the other things that help you look  your best and stand out from the crowd. 

Well never fear my dears! You too can look great, right from the start with KIKO LIFEKIKO LIFE is a recently launched SL shop that offers unique Black shaped male and female avatars, providing a wide range of shapes and looks that express and project your ethnic identity in-world. 

KIKO LIFE  has specially designed avatar packages.  They come with a unique shape–which is copy / mod — and a gorgeous set of eyes too. Also included is the ever helpful style cards. These cards give information on how to recreate the look seen on the avatar, in minutes!  The style cards also include information on animation overrides, accessories, the works.

Style cards are refreshed regularly, but certain looks are retired based on time displayed, availability, etc. Style cards can be purchased independently of the shapes, for very low costs.

KIKO LIFE  also offers  customised styling solutions; gifting options; a points system to reward loyal customers; and subscribe-o-matic updates. You can also find KIKO LIFE shapes on  X-Street. You can view their catalogue here.

Lastly, for you fashion fiends KIKO LIFE is kicking off in grand style with a fashion show on April 12th, 2009 at the Affinity Modeling Complex, at 4PM SLT.  Details are available in-world @ KIKO LIFE, so visit them today to learn more!

Until next time,

Kiss Kiss

Hot Off The Presses: Ebony Style Magazine Hits The Newstands!!

27 08 2008

Promoting black culture and diversity with style

* FATIMATA NOZAKI, Bringing RL National Black Arts festival in Second Life
* KHITTEN KURKA, beautiful and proud plus size model
* KURVY RHODE, Miss SL Ebony 2008 confessions
* MIDORI LEANDROS, Miss SL Ebony 2008 2nd Runner up hair tips.
* MADDOX DUPONT, The Trendsetter promotes cultural diversity in-world
* FIRST BLACK HAIR CARE MAGAZINE : “Nappy Hair” is a Bonus magazine presenting ethnic and international hairstyles
And SO MUCH more to read !

Copies available in world at KA Designs, KMADD, Baiastice, and most magazine kiosks


view the magazine online.


Requests concerning ads, magazine vendors as well as suggestions about the magazine should be sent to Patty Cortes (Editor in Chief/Publisher) via notecards or emails ( /

Have An Opinion? Keep It To Yourself.

7 05 2008

Yesterday, I came across a post on one of the SL Free blogs. It was a blog about a new store called House of Hucci. The model in the ad was an African American with a very shapely figure.  I made comment on what appeared to me to be a slightly subliminal message. Now I admit I am not a rabid reader of this particular blog. However, I am always entitled to my own opinion.

Now here is where the issus starts. I have no problem with people clarifying me if I am incorrect or even offering a different explanation, like Cherlindrea did. I thanked her for her reply because it was helpful. Unlike the following message I received from Imedla Whitfield. In between the ravings, she had one or two points which would have come across much better without all of the confusion. Anyway, I will let you all be the judge!

From Imelda Whitfield

i read your post on fab free and honey you have NO CLUE do you? well lemme inform you of something……scotti is one of my BEST and closest friends on sl and i will do anything for her. so hon when you get the nerve to go making comments, i suggest your implication should be #1 to find out about the person before you make em

#2 it should NOT matter what color a person is!!!! Esp if they are talkin bout and modeling clothes! OMG! *rolls eyes* if ya made a comment about her clothes i could understand that but you and i both know just like anyone reading what you said thats not what you were implying! might i suggest talkin to the folks that came up with the name of the freakin store before you go spoutin your mouth off?????

#3 you need to find yourself SOMEthing to do b/c if this is all your life is OBVIOUSLY about, then hon i feel sorry for you. oh and one more thing… should know that scotti is african american in rl which is why her shape that she wears ALL THE FREAKIN TIME WITH PRIDE i might add, is why its like it is and also why her sl skin is the shade it is. NO, not the one on fab free (cos she has to wear one that she finds for free out in sl duh) but the one she searched MONTHS to find. She ain’t on front street cos she don’t want folks knowin where she got it—i.e. its nunya! I don’t even kno an i kno lots of stuff about her!

She is one of THE MOST wonderful ppl i know and the first to set folks straight about this crap no matter they are from. I love her for this and have told her so…….that i love her for being so real and standing up for herself and what she believes in. i do the same thing which is why i felt compelled to send this to you when your comment about my friend made me madder’n a old tom cat left out in the rain! if iz there in rl id wanna shake some sense into you! It is stuff like this that makes me so sad! idk where you are from but i want this country to just STOP this racist bunch of crap….ignore folks skin color….and just be friends! I told scotti i wanted to scream from a mountain but i kno it would fall on def ears cos ppl dont wanna hear. *shakes my head and screams anyway* LETS ALL BE GRAY!!!!!! Scotti’s hands are tied in this matter b/c of her position at fab free but hon*underline in bold stressing empahisis on the letter “i”* don’t blog for fab free nor does she know i am sending this to you. so trust me you don’t wanna go here cos my ghetto fab self and these stilleto heels is gonna keep on walkin *smiles sweetly*


I thought the reference to her “ghetto fab self” was adorable, such a classy touch. Not sure why she would not let her friend know she is sending me this message. Seems as if she would want her friend to know she is sticking up for her. *smh*, I guess some people always wanna take up a banner for others.  And in case you are wondering, my response to this person was as follows:

From Khitten Kurka

I received your long note card. I am not going to bother to respond to the very nasty, almost threatening tone of your message. Instead, I will take the opportunity to say thank you for sharing your opinion. As an African American female in RL as well, I can certainly have an opinion about anything I see in SL. My comments were not an attack on any person; merely an observation on what I saw. I have every right to make an observation and you have a right to disagree.


I am always amazed at people in and out of world. And Ms. Rubina, I totally agree with something you said yesterday. Some folks, just don’t understand.

On the subject of black skins…

11 02 2008

Alina Ebony Skin

While we’re on the subject, I’d like to start my very first blog post EVER by spotlighting my most *favorite* skin in all of SL. Girls, if you don’t own own of the Alina skins by Lost Thereian, I suggest you go buy one, now!

So… here’s a bit of a background story. About a year ago, I started a manhunt for skins. Although I loved the one created for me by Chip Midnight, I had to find something more. I need more make up, I need more *looks*! Hell, I deserve it. I went around to every shop I could find that made skins. I quickly realized that most designers just did not offer skin in my tone. I was pretty bummed out… a lot of skins were beautiful, but I couldn’t have them. I started messaging designers, asking them if they ever planned on releasing darker skins. The ones that replyed let me know that dark skins just do not sell, and that it’s very hard to get the right tone on them. I pretty much gave up hope, until someone told me to go to Naughty Island.

Tucked on the side of the skin area, I found it. I had to have it. I knew Lost made hair, but I was completely out of the loop about everything else. It was like discovering a secret treasure. I currently don’t know how long Lost has had these skins out, but I’m sure I’ll be hard pressed to find anything better. Everything about this skin is wonderfully detailed. There’s not a spot that I feel I need to hide. The face fits perfectly on my shape, which is a rarity. The lips are smooth and not stretched all over the place. On top of this, the skins were semi-transparent, which lets me darken it to the perfect shade. (60!) There is clearly a lot of work and effort put into a skin of this detail, and I cannot stress enough that this dedication is why we must all support our creators. Paying the creators for their own work insures that they will keep making more for us in the future!

The skin comes in 3 shades, all modifiable to tint to your liking. Each shade comes with many make up styles, all of which are stunning. The singles are $1400L each. Pictured is the Dark Coffee Lipstick make up, which comes in the “Spotlight Gurl” 4-pack, which sells at $3333. Demos are $1L. Available at Naughty (

Hair by Philotic Energy, Eyelashes by Deviant Kitties, knickers by LF Fashions, shoes by AW Design.

–Washu Z

Mirada – Shanice…

10 02 2008


Shanice features sleek dreads pulled up on either side of the head into flexi ponytails, with a dread wrapped around each. I love the symmetry in this style, the lines formed by each dread sitting close side by side is very eyecatching. The few stray wisps of hair along the hairline add a feminine touch. Washu has included 3 size/length options to suit your mood and there are plenty of colours available

Demos are $1 L

Each Colour Fatpack contains 4 colours in 3 sizes/lengths, available for L$ 195

Complete Collection: All Colours, All sizes L$ 995

TP to Mirada

– Rubi S.

Representation not Segregation…

10 02 2008

Hello everyone and welcome to Ebony Style. The purpose of this blog is to promote black culture, diversity, and style in SecondLife. Ebony Style Magazine  is the brainchild of Patty Cortes and Tura Sirbu, after talking with Patty for a bit about her intentions for the magazine and other things I offered to start up a supplementary blog. So stay tuned for reviews, commentary and more from myself, Khitten Khurka, and guest bloggers Washu ZebraStripe and SerinaJane Loon